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T Stel
Nice floral

Really pretty soft floral. Definitely easy to wear for multiple occasions. I bought in the winter and I think it might work better for spring and summer, but it’s still been nice to test it out. It’s just missing a little something extra that makes it special enough to be a 5. That said, i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, it’s a safe blind buy for sure.

Kellie Batson

Dama Bianca

Not sure…

I ordered the 1ml, but it’s such a tiny sample and such an awkward size and applicator that I am not sure if my experience would be different with the spray. I ordered the 2ml spray now, and I’m waiting for it to arrive to make up my mind.

From the 1ml, I will definitely say that the scent is VERY powdery, so definitely stay away from it if you don’t like powdery scents. At first, I thought it smelled like baby powder. However, as it dried down, I felt like it became quite pretty and ethereal.

This is one I will need to wear several times to decide what I think about it.

Beautiful perfume!

Feminine, beautiful, perfect! Love this, I think your round too. Will buy bottle for sure

Muster Lustre
Ultra feminine

Such a beautiful scent with lots of sublety. It paints a very feminine, beautiful and refined lady. Definitely a keeper!