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Petting zoo smell



Al-Khatt was my first scent/decant from Xerjoff. While it’s not my personal best choice, I am ambitious and convinced that I should try more from this great brand. Great experience with Scent Split-packaging and bottling always the best!

The opening is a little turbulent being a bit animalic but calms downs fairly quickly, 20 minutes or so. Indolic Jasmine is what you get in opening, I was hoping for more oud being someone who likes Oud. I get fruity-peachy nuance too. Don’t be scared off by over-hyped animalic comments about this fragrance or any fragrance for that matter. Being new to the perfume world, I’ve noticed that the over emphasis on certain things about perfumes can be misleading (for the most part). But to new people like me, if you over think it—you may ruin a good thing for yourself, if you overthink it. Just don’t. Experience everything! Just let it be! Once it settles down it’s very smooth. This fragrance is best for fall and winter. I think this is a great late evening perfume. The dry down becomes amber-woody, with base notes of Benzoin, Agarwood, Vanilla, & Oakmoss. Cashmeran is a heart note in the fragrance. In the top notes you get fresh bright Bergamot and seductive Jasmine.
For me, I rate Al-Khat leaning more of a female targeted fragrance. I think it’s more about personal likes on this one. I would wear Al-Khat in certain situations. Overall, it may be too powdery for my likes; however, I would like to try layering Al-Khat with something else to get a different result. Suggestions? As far as quality? This is a quality perfume, no doubt. It’s built right from start to finish—the longevity is really good. When Al-Khat settles to the dry down into the base notes and becomes an ambery-woody, that’s when it feels more of a male scent. That’s kind of where I am on the fence about this fragrance. I can’t wait to try other fragrances from Xerjoff perfume house. Good luck!

Scott Ball

Great scent!

elizabeth boyle
5 star

Al Khatt