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It's pretty evil alright

It smells like what it's advertised as, do not expect it to lead with sandlewood or anything ordinary. At first when my boyfriend put it on I very much got the concrete and gunpowder, like what I would imagine standing next to a freshly collapsed building would smell like. After he wore it for a while, the iodine and blood became much more potent and the reviews saying it smelled like a med tent in battle became much more clear. I kinda liked it at first, but that distinct metallic tinge it got after time is burned into my memory where I can now smell it by thinking about it. Can't say I've had many perfumes/colognes that provide that type of memory recall. It's not good but very strange. 5 outta 5 for being weird and as advertised.

Wearable Art

A masterpiece, intimidating. Absolutely worth the hype; this brand is really innovative and artful. Love it!

Marq S.
Aggressive at first, then warm and deeply human

I had to smell this when I first saw it. Like. Notes of blood and gunpowder? Wild. But no, it actually accomplishes what it sets out to, I think. At first blush, those ozonic notes are overpowering. The scent is chemical and aggressive, it made me worry that I had made a mistake putting it on without testing it first. It smells like aging plastic, like rubber seals when they’ve started to disintegrate, like strong adhesives and alcohol. But then it mellows. The scent of “blood” is more like skin musk, warm and human. There is a lingering petrichor, like an abandoned city after a rain, and a whiff of vanilla or something like it, familiar but distant. There’s a loneliness in the way this scent dries down, but it’s comfortable, it’s nostalgic, and it reminds me of people and things that I’ve left behind.
I am a historian, primarily. I enjoy old things, my Masters’ is in museum studies. This scent captures my favorite qualities of a hangar full of aging warbirds - paint, metal, leather, fuel, oil, blood. Hopes, fears, tensions long since dissipated, a quiet reminder of war. And most of all, the ghosts of the people who built these machines, who knew them and cared for them and operated them day in and day out. The lingering human energy that somehow makes motionless museum pieces feel like they are still alive. After all, the machines of war are only a reflection of the people who built them.

Human instinct reacts

My father always joked that a man’s cologne should smell like a well used gym, sawdust, horse manure, and blood. I stumbled across this after he passed and had to order some; I thought I’d leave on his grave. I won’t be doing that. My whole body reacted. I had anxiety I just couldn’t shake and had full body chills. My whole person reacted to this as though I’d been through some traumatic life event that I’d deeply suppressed. Long after I washed my hands, sealed it in a baggy, and sprayed deodorizer, I came to the realization that my nose isn’t smelling it, my memory is.

Am I glad I bought it? Yes, I’ve never smelled anything that had this powerful of a reaction and like another reviewer said, it’s worth it for the emotional roller coaster. Will I ever wear it? God no. This could send someone spinning to a place they never should go. Our human DNA is scorched with a genetic memory that this smell is pure inexcusable evil.

Perfect, better than what other reviews say

I bought this scent assuming it'd be too horrible to wear daily, but the reviews on this fragrance are honestly too harsh. Even my mother—whom had more of a "sweet" taste in perfumery—said that this didn't smell too bad.
It starts off with a strong isopropyl alcohol smell, dries into a sweet metallic blood-like scent, then fades into a licorice-like smell.
It's perfect for what I go for. I absolutely adore this.

Inexcusably amazing purchase.

I spent multiple combat tours in multiple areas across the middle east during my time in the marine corps.

war has a certain smell that cant be described as anything other than pure evil.

this is that smell.