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Julie Lawton
Not good

Didn’t smell as expected.

Loïc Bouilly
Tom Ford, Soleil Blanc

Opening: Pistachio note is noticeably sweet and gourmand and lasts for 20 mins on skin. Doesn’t have as much sunscreen smell as the EDT.
Dry down: Sweet gourmand smell continues to linger but fades after 1 hour of wear. Smells like floral caramel but not in an offensive way. Will last 3 to 4 hours of wear before needing to reapply (during daytime).
Projection: Strong projection when sprayed 3,4 times around neck.
Longevity: 4 hours.

Very good to wear during sunny weather, and pairs well with white clothes, gold jewelry and sunglasses. Not overwhelmingly overpowering and noticeable unless sprayed immediately. Perfect for the beach and also good for the city on sunny days. An essential to the summer collection of someone’s that thrives in the summer’s sun.

Mary Ketcham
Staying Power

I like the scent! My best friend recommended but she paid $$$$$. My Scent Split version was the perfect trial for me to try out. It has insane staying power and smells lovely!

Katherine Schmitt

Soleil Blanc

Alana K
Not worth the price

After all of the hype, this is a huge disappointment. If I want to smell like suntan lotion and vanilla, I'll spend $20 at the drug store. You can smell that it's a very well blended luxe fragrance, but pedestrian and boring.