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Antonio Medellin

Love being able to try these amazing scents without shelling out a fortune

Elena Kudryashova
Noir de Noir Tom Ford

This is a wonderful perfume, I love it!!!

A very sexy scent with a dark rose feel

A booster that makes Tango's lead sexier.

Rose, Truffle, and florals, Leans Masculine

First and foremost, much thanks to Scent Split for their exceptionally great service and providing great decants in such elegant perfume bottles. I understand now why customers rave and always mention Scent Split in their reviews (I noticed this when I was new to SS and scanning the tons of fragrance reviews). Great service and inventory of products equals happy customers in my little world.

Noir Extreme was such an extreme success with me, I of course had to try its predecessor, Noir de Noir. To some, the fragrances might seem similar but they yet are quite different. Noir de Noir is a Chypre for men and women with the intriguing, warm, inviting heart note truffle (the main reason I wanted to try this fragrance). Truffle, doesn’t that pique your curiosity too? The entire lineup of heart notes is truffle, rose, and undisclosed floral notes. It’s not as fem as it may sound. In fact, most fragrance sites do say that it’s leans a tad more masculine—but definitely gender neutral. IMO, it’s masculine enough for me. Besides, who cares what others think? Ha! You’ll find both genders liking this one. In the opening, there’s a good dose of earthy saffron and it’s leathery but somehow very intimate scent profile. And I believe that’s what’s special about this fragrance—it’s very intimate and special mixed with the rose, truffle and florals. Patchouli, Vanilla, Oud, and very little Oakmoss are in the base notes (although I don’t get much Oakmoss here).

Noir Extreme may be the one I reach for first, but there’s always an occasion for Noir de Noir. It’s just too special not to have it. The thing about these scents is that we learn something new about them every time we spray them on. In other words, you see something different that you didn’t see the last time. It’s very pleasurable.

Marcellus Gordon

Noir de Noir