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Maryna Suarez
Heavenly beautiful

One of my favorites, absolutely wonderful! I’m in love with this scent. Makes me happy every time I wear it. Purchased full bottle after a sample from scent split

Roses and cough drops

This scent smells like roses and honey cough drops. I have no idea how anyone is smelling a coffee note. Allegedly this scent has 10 different accords/notes, but I only detected two. This scent was very disappointing. I love a complex coffee scented fragrance, but this isn't it. I would not wear this. If I smelled it on someone in public, I would assume that they were wearing a rose perfume and icy hot.

Alena Burgan

Loved.Bottle worthy. Smelled on my shirt next day smells beautiful.

Danielle Nicole
Love it

Smells just like Montale Intense Cafe but better and more refined. Delox has that Tiziana Terenzi undertone that’s in most of the fragrances from the line. Can’t quite explain it, but it’s there. This last on my skin until the next day when I showered, and even then there was a slight scent still there. On clothing it will last until you wash the item. The sillage, projection, and longevity are amazing. I bought the biggest sample bottle and that will last me for a long time seeing that I don’t have to use but one spray. One spray is more than enough!! Trust me when I say you don’t need to overspray this! It’s nuclear!!! Lol


Best coffee scent I’ve smelt this far. Perfectly unisex, and it’s so well done.