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Lana Sapo

Venom Incarnat

Ben Kobzeff
Venom incarnate

Very good strawberry gourmand fragrance. Smells liek candy but some might think it smells like medicine

Venom Incarnat

The opening seems nice but not for me, I found the leather to be too loud. Gave me a headache.

Keith Melton

Great fragrance

Hanoof Alajmi

New Stephane Humbert Lucus - Venom Incarnat review

The opening is like a night at a carnival. I smell caramel popcorn and red hard candy and a hint of oud and a subtle hint of soap. I imagine a rich Arab woman wearing a thick black abaya and gold pieces wearing the perfume. There is also a burnt caramel coated popcorn piece that is sticky. It smells red and festive. Not creamy, but thick. The popcorn candy scents are not mixed but you can smell them separately plus a mysterious red scent that keeps coming up. In the dry-down, the candy and caramel are no longer there but there is this red perfume that is like a complex red apple. This red scent has been in the background from the start and only becomes distinctive later on. The perfume has good lasting power, but no heavy projection and no trail. Everybody around me loved this perfume and kept asking me to buy it again. I did not understand their obsession, but I do like it.