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Scent Split is phenomenal

But this fragrance isn't for me. I'll continue to buy my decants exclusively from Scent Split though.

I understand why people like this

It's just not for me. Too musky, I was hoping it would feel more like cotton candy, boardwalk type but that musk comes in too strong for my taste.

Anna D.

This was better than expected. Sweet, sexy and yummy. A grown up fruity floral. Grown up Viva le Juicy

Vincent W.
not worth the $

I love most Simone Anderoli fragrances. I find his perfumery really resonates with my taste. I almost never sample, I usually blind buy according to notes + reading reviews which I do take with a grain of salt bc perfume is so subjective. However something told me to sample this one after reading the very bad reviews on fragrantica. almost none of them were positive. I almost bought a full bottle because the notes sound DIVINE. I don't hate or even dislike this scent - however... it doesn't smell like blackcurrent, caramel or cotton candy.. I do get some fruit and musk. I like the musk in this. but... this is the most screechy perfume I've tried in my life. I didn't really even know what the term "screechy" meant in perfumery until I tried this scent and it all made sense. Just very very sharp and astringent, not in a great way. it isn't smooth and round its sharp. I don't like Ariana grande perfumes but I have smelt one of them... I will say this smells like you'd find it in Burlington or Marshalls for ex. with a celerity name on it for $30. The thing is I actually like this perfume. I like this to throw it on to run errands or maybe meet some girlfriends for a drink, it would even be nice for a date. However it doesn't last AND the price they are asking for it is unjustifiable bc of its screechiness. I am more than happy to pay full price for a lot of Simone andeorli fragrances, most are amazing - whilst I like this it just does not warrant the price. If it was discounted id buy it buy for almost $200... not sure. side note I absolutely love scent split, they've been an amazing place to purchase fragrance for me and their customer service is top tier, anytime I have an issue they are responsive, very helpful and very very friendly. I buy all my scents from here.

Sniff Sniff

Amazing scent…. Not sure what Ms. Joy was sniffing but this scent will turn any frown upside down! Blind Buy at will

Ms J.

Received a decant of this fragrance and was excited because of the notes… however, I was soo disappointed. It reminded me of glade air freshener on my skin.. I did not detect any caramel, candied fruits, nada!! . I am glad I didn’t blind buy!