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telly tucker

I’ll rate it later because I wore it once I got compliment from couple of people once they got close so I don’t know just yet

Not for me .

It’s a combo spices, animalistic and leather . Remind me of my grandparents farm that I grow up on with the animalistic under tone and the leather . I like roja cologne but this one stink to me , this ain’t for everybody . I pass .

Freddy Miranda
Buy it my wife said!

My wife is the millionaire nose of the house, and the moment she smelled Diaghilev she said 10/10, get it. I love it as well. Expensive? Perhaps, but worth every dollar.

Mature Scent, but a Masterful Blend

I'm 32, so this is maybe for a more mature audience than someone my age but what a unique experience. I think Roja's experience and perspective really shines through here. I cannot stop smelling myself when I wear it, but I don't know if it's safe for office and crowds. I wear this to bed because it's very much for ME to enjoy. It's a civet overload, but it's balanced and so complex. Indescribable. I will buy a full bottle, when I can stomach the price! (absolutely worth the $)

Jervalle Exum
Diaghilev Review

Diaghilev Parfum is an amazing fragrance. One of the best I've ever worn, and I'm a Creed guy at heart. My only issue is that even the parfum version doesn't last very long. I had the same experience from Elysium (which I absolutely adore) from the Roja line.