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If Delina had a little sister…

While Delina is the pretty, confident woman who charms her way to the top, Cassili is her sweet but shy little sister who has just as much to prove. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but anyways. The 2 scents are more or less similar to each other, though I’d describe Cassili to be more light, creamy and less tart-y, perfect for warm weathers or a girls’ night out. I definitely pick up the peachy note like everyone else says.

Michelle Alleyne

Love the undertones of this fragrance, im glad I can try it out before I purchase the big bottle

Love Product and Business Model

Love Product and Business Model Of Scent Split; instead of purchasing an entire bottle that i might get tired of 1/2 through the bottle or the price tag is too much to swallow, i can now purchase the same authentic scent at a fraction of the cost

Melanie Best
It is Nice

I found Cassili to be a nice scent, thought their is no peach listed you get a creamy peach vibe. This perfume would be best in the spring summer. This longevity is decent could be better but it does sit closer to the skin. I would probably give it another try but I am not sure if it is full bottle worthy.

Cassili Almost Loved

This was my favorite scent out all the samples that I ordered. In my opinion, Cassili is reminiscent of Delina La Rosée, but with peach instead of lychee. Unfortunately, sandalwood has been projecting very strong on my skin as of late so I couldn’t enjoy this as much as I would have liked to. Otherwise, I think it’s a nice scent and worth a try.