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Junior De los santos
The best

Nice perfume

Titanic Depths..

At first I sampled Megamare out of curiosity due to others claims of strength and uniqueness. Well it lived up to those claims. A very salty, very heavily Oceanic scent. Not so much fishy per-se. Hard to distinguish singular notes other than these but experience tells me I'm getting Leather and possibly Sage. Mineral notes wouldn't surprise me either. If I had to paint an olfactive picture of the ocean at the Titanic wreck depth this would be perfect. Dark, metallic, salty sea, absent, mysterious and interesting. Very good performance. Not for summer days, more nights. Very artistic. 4 stars only due to divisiveness or inability to wear in more situations.

Lenore Fusano

Long-lasting summercompliments. Fresh and clean all day.I've received many complements.

Strong salt note

this one is not for me. not a bad scent just not my style.

Es una bomba en duración y proyectar.

Me hice los 2 ml de este perfume, vaya sorpresa la que me llevé, le puse un spray a mi hermano en su mano, cada vez que pasó se lograba percibir su olor, con supremacía por demás de los otros olores. Es una mezcla de agua marina con sal. Yo recomiendo que uses un solo spray ya sea en tu nuca o en tu mano, lo más lejos posible de tu nariz, ya que si la pones de frente puede llegarte a dar nauseas.