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Yining Tian

Relique d'Amour

choir practice and dry earth

This one goes through phases, when first applied it's incense-forward almost to a fault, then a moment of animalic body odor funk. When dried thoroughly it's lovely, woody and earthen and floral, clean but not sterile, utterly un-chemical.

Aly Tipacti

Really really wish it would stay on longer.o Such a beautiful fragrance!

Mariel Lee
Tam Lin in a Bottle

This was a lovely perfume, though I had a single gripe with it: Longevity. It goes skin scent in about three hours, so not exactly a beast mode performance. However, it is a lovely perfume. Earthy, cold, and blurry, in a sense; it has no sharp green edges, the pepper and pine do not sear your nose. Instead, they're barely there, ghosts of an odor. However, these faint hints work in favor of Relique. They create the most fantastical forest smell, it's damp, it's floral, it's a little ferny, it's loamy and foggy and mossy. The image of an abandoned, mossy chapel in a rainy woodland is spot on. Absolutely beautiful, and does a main lily note in a way that isn't harsh or grating, but actually very subtle and pleasant. At its very end (About 4ish hours in), it's a vague and ghostly odor. It smells like fresh rain sitting on the skin, with just the slightest hint of a leafy floral. Truly a work of art; a relic of love indeed. In three words: pure, beautiful, and lonely.

Overall: Gorgeous beyond belief, but only buy a fullsize if you love earthy scents or lily notes. Also: Performance is more on par with a nice EDT rather than a punchy, long-lived EDP.


Smells amazing. Really earthy.