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Michelle Miles

Here’s the thing…If you ever tried the original Michael Kors, you have tried Narcotic V. It is a BEAUTIFUL tuberose fragrance, however, it is very very similar to the designer fragrance and the price point is so staggering why not go with something that is reasonably priced? That being said, if cost is not an issue and you love collecting niche fragrances (as many people do) Narcotic V is a home run.

Really addictive

Loved this one, it starts off with the white florals and it smells beautiful, not too strong to overwhelm people, but definitely noticeable, so I think it’s suitable for every occasion.
It then grows into a more spicy or animalistic scent which I really loved on my skin, and has still a feminine side to it imho. Durability was also good, I could even smell hints of it on my skin after going to the gym.

Overall I love it, and considering purchasing a full bottle.

Leah Edossa

Narcotic V

Sara Corrothers
Classically Feminine

This is a nice white floral with a touch of spice. It smells great, but I feel like it's missing something to really put it over the top. If you like tuberose, but want something with more complexity and oomph, try Melodie de L'Amour

Atl Lien
Strong on the tuberose

Not my cup of tea. Super strong tuberose fragrance. Has good projection and longevity just do not like the scent.