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jalen c.

Violette Fumee

Dennis C.S.
A little too seeet

Too sweet for me to love it

ruth g.

Violette Fumee

A violet like no other

As a fan of violet fragrances, I can say that this scent stands out as a masterful creation in the genre. On my skin there are 3 distinct stages. 1) violet fresh flower and leaves with a lavender undertone, 2) violet mystery, the fumee comes out in the form of tobacco leaves, 3) violet and musk, the tobacco leaves the state and musk enters to dance with the violet. The 3 stage progression happens very the course of 7 hours, with each phase lasting about the same. The violet is never sweet, neither feminine or masculine. This perfume is art. I purchased the full bottle.

Renee V.
Beautiful day time scent

It is the beautiful subtleness you expect from violets without any of the sweetness. It manages to be feminine and mysterious without any of the heavy darkness of ouds and dark musks so it is still day time appropriate. I’ve been on a hunt for years for a daytime scent that isn’t too feminine, sweet, or citrusy and I think I finally found it! I just love Scent Splits service and how they have enabled my to make this discovery.