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Jamy Santiago
Amazing and Sexy!

I love this fragrance, it is by far one of the best fragrances that are sweet but green and last for ever. I love this fragrance very much and dee that anyone that loves a sweet and slight green fragrance would love it! 😍

Lesa Ash
Very nice.

I wasn’t sure about this at first spray as there’s an extremely bitter note in the opening. It’s in the body as well but is tempered by the sweetness. Great longevity. Also.. if you don’t like it at first don’t give up.. try it again and I think you’ll like it the more your nose understands it.

Olga Rodriguez-Vidal
Nice scent, long lasting

Sweet and woody to my nose. Seemed to be closer to the skin. It’s long lasting, 6+ hours on me.

Marisa B

I recently purchased a decant of Sintra and I was very happy to have found it on Scent Split. Sintra was sold out on other websites I purchase from so when I found I was able to get it from Scent Split, I was excited. I bought the 9ml decant and it was/is the perfect size to try it out before I purchase a full bottle in the future. I loved how Scent Slpit had a variety of sizes to chose from, and shipping was prompt. Sintra is a gorgeous scent, and long lasting, with sweet orange blossom. I definitely will purchase more perfume in the future, I like Scent Splits variety. Over all a good experience.


I love this scent so much! A Bergamot and Neroli dream! I will definitely buy a bottle😍