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Rayburn Reaves

Santal 33

A great smelling unisex scent

I personally really love Santal 33 and it settled really nicely into my skin. It has a long projection so you don’t have to reapply. I didn’t find it to be leathery or musky as le labo describes it, I found it more fresh and vibrant like eating a lemon. Though for the price tag that le labo charges and the quantity you get I wouldn’t purchase it, I’ll stick with samples.

Great Opportunity

Scent Split gave me the opportunity to use some smaller aliquots of expensive colognes that I would have otherwise never tried due to their cost. The process is easy and the shipping is smooth and reasonably timely.

Tom P
A Scent Just For You

Santal 33 is beautiful and complex, yet subtle and gentle. I ordered a couple of samples of different scents off Scent Split, trying to find the right one for me and Santal 33 was completely unlike any of the other ones I ordered. It is lightly floral with some musky undertones that make it warm and comforting. Every time you catch a whiff you're like "ooh, that's nice!".

I definitely get some spring vibes from it, but I also get the feeling of curling up on the couch in a warm blanket on an overcast day, a warm cup of coffee in your hand as you look out the window or read a book. It is just immensely pleasant and makes me understand why people have different scents for different moods.

It is a solidly gender-neutral scent that could work for anyone, but you'll need to try it on yourself to know for sure. I will say that when I first tried it I thought it might lean a little too feminine, but throughout the day it was just too irresistible and I caught myself smelling my wrist over and over again.

As for potential downsides, Santal 33 is definitely mild. It will not punch people in the face as you walk by and most people probably wont even smell it on you unless you give them a hug. It is a private scent just for you to enjoy and only those who are closest to you will notice you're even wearing it. Please do keep that in mind because if you're looking for random compliments while wearing it you're probably not going to get them unless you just applied it.

At the end of the day, give it a shot! Hopefully you're just as pleasantly surprised as I was when I tried my sample. It did convince me to go to a local Le Labo branch in NYC to pick up a bottle for myself. Was it overpriced? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.

Marion S
My favorite!

I love Santal 33! Appreciate the ability for a small size for traveling.