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Smells like nothing else out there. It has been around since the 20s.This magic liquid will most definitely make you feel like royalty.

Knize Ten Sample

Knize Ten is definitely a classic gentleman’s fragrance. A fragrance I thoroughly enjoy. In my opinion it’s an elevated barbershop fragrance, an elegant aftershave, perhaps; a scent that a man might feel “in character” wearing. In my experience, Knize Ten doesn’t last a long time, maybe three hours or so, but that may be in part to my bias to ration my application of it due to the limited volume of the sample size I ordered. Perhaps if applied with a pump as opposed to dabbing with my finger or pouring a small amount into my palm to apply it to my skin, the scent may prove to be more tenacious. The sillage leaves something to be desired. It certainly didn’t project heavily off of my skin. Again, maybe I was just stingy in applying the fragrance in an effort to stretch my sample too far. Overall I’m very happy that I sampled Knize Ten. It is a fragrance that I’d wear more for my own pleasure and nostalgic desires than one I’d wear on a first date. I would buy it again and I would definitely buy a larger size than just the sample. Knize Ten will not be my signature scent, but it will be a very nice fragrance to have in my collection.


Opening can be harsh for some, but this is a very masculine, rugged fragrance. After a while it settles to a very classy leather. Not made for boys, only men can pull this one off.

Erik G.
Great scents

Great store !! Customer service is excellent !! Fast shipping. And price ,selection of colognes and perfumes you can't find anywhere else to try !! I liked it so much I ordered again.

Mohd Shahrin Mohamed Nor

Knize Ten