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Pony Boy

Bought it for my daughter for Christmas. Smelled amazing on her so i ordered some for myself. Nasty on me. Smelled like cat pee!

Utterly Abominable - Eau de Suspicious Nightclub Floor Juice

The opening is a brutal and noxious blast of uric cilantro seed and wet cigarette butts, which mellows into a mixture of dried-out fruit peels, wet newspaper, rotten leaves, and body odor. Feels oddly animalic and dirty, and is decidedly dark in its composition. Don't buy unless you're into smelling like the unwashed, sweat-and-cocktail-coated (and maybe other things too) floor of a German techno club. I wore it out for a test run and on my way to the door, my roommate stopped me because she was sure the cat had peed on my coat. Broke out the blacklight and confirmed that the stench was, in fact, Pony Boy.

Projection: 10/10 utterly insane projection on one of the foulest scents I've ever smelled in my life.
Performance: 7/10 lasted through repeated desperate wash cycles.
Scent: 0/10. Would probably attract more ponies than boys based on the animalic-herbal cloud of funk this gives off.

Tina Blankenship
Absolutely Amazing

Not one fragrance in this store smells like anything else on the market. If you want to smell amazing and different, this is the place to go. It’s so complex people will be asking you what you’re wearing. Super helpful too. Love this store!!