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Devorah W.
Loving This At The Moment

Sometimes I hate that I live in the South, and after getting a sample decant of Vetiver&Golden Vanilla, it is one of those times I wished I lived in a colder climate. This is a warm, cozy, incense, gentle spice fragrance that I think would be best for chilly/cold Autumn and Winter months. Upon first application with the sample dabber, my nose got an instant rush of fresh cut hay...the vetiver. I thought oh no, Yuck!! This smells like a farm. Lol. But, within 2 minutes, that new mowed hay smell was gone. Yay! Now, all I want to do is sniff my wrist. I'm loving on this warm, tea-spice note, which I'm thinking is the cardamon, and it's sweetened with vanilla...Not cloyingly sweet, teen-age vanilla, but a cocoon wrapping, comfy sweater adult vanilla. I don't smell tobacco that many other reviewers picked up on. My nose is getting a more spiritual incense fragrance, but not that in your face Easter church incense...something far more subtle. I'm totally missing the grapefruit or any other citrus scent, however, I'm smelling a sweet jam-like note...not sure where that's coming from. I've always been a person who likes spicy fragrances over florals (loved S.Lutens Chergui), so I don't find this juice a turn-off for a woman. I'll go with unisex. Maybe I'll have hubby try it and see what he and I think? There's slight sillage with just dabbing unto my skin, and longevity is about 5 hours, which is great for a JM fragrance. I have other vanilla frags (Guerlain's Spiritueuse and Essential Parfum's Divine Vanille)...neither resemble this. Never tried TF's TV, so I can't compare, but this is a unique scent for me. Contemplating a FB. Thank you to Scent Split for samples before major purchases.

tara Wiley Robstad

Vetiver & Golden Vanilla

Courtney Lenarduzzi

Too strong and masculine for me. Gave it away to a man.

Kathryn Cesarz
The name says it all!

Lovely scent that features vetiver and vanilla just like the name says. This is my new favorite. Smells natural and soft, not soapy or fake in any way, just as I hope for in a scent.

Mark Demarest

Fantastic scent