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Sarah B.
Scarlet poppy

Very nice

paige w.

Scarlet Poppy

Devorah W.
First Jo Malone Love

This is my first Jo Malone fragrance that I absolutely love. Scarlet Poppy has a better than average sillage and longevity....about 6 hours on my skin. Most Jo Malones seem to be gone after a 30 minutes. My nose picks up a floral, fruity, jammy scent with a bit of incense/smokiness (not much, and I don't know why because there are no incense notes?). It's not a complete linear fragrance and wafts floral and fruity at different times. The floral is not too sweet, and I'm really not a floral lover. The fruity jammy scent is not gourmand...just very cozy and comforting. I find myself sniffing my wrist to see how the scent changes throughout the day. I had gotten a sample in a 1 ml flacon and loved it so much that I purchased a 5 ml spray. IMO, it definitely leans feminine. I'm not sure if I will wear this during the hot, humid summer. I'll try and see, but it's a lovely fragrance for Spring. This is a real winner and a best in scent for Jo Malone. Thank you Scent Split for offering this wonderful fragrance by Jo Malone.

Scarlet Poppy - a must have!

Love the scent!! And was so happy I was able to test it out before purchasing a bigger bottle! Very pleased with ScentSplit!


the most beautiful warm figgy floral! i am addicted to the first spray of this scent. and the dry down is so interesting and unique on every person because of that barley note. can’t wait to pick this up in a full size bottle.

Jermaine C.

Great smell