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Not For Me!

I really hate to give a negative review on this because fragrance is subjective, but this was not a pleasant sniff. I Love Jo Malone Colognes & have 7-8 full size bottles & numerous decants, but this was not a hit. I have pretty much sampled 90% of JM offerings here, & have only really hated 2, this being the third one, so safe to say I love this House. However, this came off as a very chemical Rose to me, synthetic, sharp, screechy, HARSH, & a scrubber within just minutes of applying! I am thinking it's most likely my chemistry, but that's what it was like for me. For reference, my other dislikes were Lime, Basil, Mandarin & Nashi Blossom. On the bright side, how amazing that out of all the samples I have tried that I only really dislike 3!!! Jo Malone is my #1 favorite fragrance!

Kris B Randolph

Red Roses

Lonnie M
Overly strong for five minutes, then fades to barely noticeable.

Really nice scent, just like roses, unfortunately, it doesn't last. At all. For the cost, the scent should have better lingering power.

Lori Allen
Red Roses

I just knew I wasn't going to like this scent because it was straight up roses. Wrong! In my opinion no one does this scent like Jo Malone. Yes, it's pure rose but not that old school floral, it has a more modern & fresh smell as the rose take front & center stage. It is a very rosy/floral scent that last all day. The longest lasting scent of the Jo Malone clear bottles. It has great projection so a little goes a long way. I'm shocked at how much I Love wearing this scent. It's beautiful. I was happy to purchase a bottle of this at a discounted price. Now apart of my perfume collection. Hands down, samples are the best way to go.

Aubrey Heim
5 stars

Everything about the purchase was just as expected! Will be purchasing from scent split again!