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Atomic Rose

It’s beautiful! It does give me Delina vibes.. the rose opening hit you soon as you spray it then the sweetness come ins. Its so sexy and seductive will purchase again. #shesthatgirl

Tiff Williams
MY FAVE!!!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance as it's the more mature version of Delina. Not mature as in age for someone who wears it, as some folks have negatively reviewed, but this scent is an extremely complex, lovely, and deep scent. I'm so grateful for Scent Split and happy to be able to get it at a fraction of the price until I can afford a normal bottle.

If you want to smell like you're 90, this is for you!

Nothing against 90 year olds, but strong smelling roses is something I associate with lovely little old ladies whose sense of smell has vanished and therefore they think it's okay to dab on something called "rose". I purchased this scent based on a suggestion from a YouTube video by a well-known perfume reviewer! I sprayed it on without every having sniffed it and didn't have time to then scrub it off before I headed to work. I felt like I should be apologizing to everyone around me all day because of the putrid smell emanating from my neck and wrists! I'm glad it was just a 2mL bottle, but I could have purchased several slices of cake with that money instead and would have been much happier.

Marcy Randall
Enticing Smell

My first order didn’t arrive and Customer Service was terrific to communicate with. Got my order shortly after and will be ordering a full size bottle. Great product and great service!

Jamie Jaynes
Not worth the price

I was excited to try this brand and scent as anything with the word “rose” in the name is attractive to me. The scent opened to a molasses-y smell which was an unpleasant mix with the floral scent you get right away. Overall, I felt it smelled cheap for how expensive a bottle is.