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Ambre 114

The opening is sharp and bright and cologne-like with peppery spices and cloves. When applied in cool conditions there is also a blast of ammonia. A pretty rough opening, leans masculine. After warming up on the skin, it settles into a unisex mellow golden honey-vanilla incense within the hour. There is an amber note but underneath I still sense a subtle ammonia-like element that never quite goes away. Could be a type of sandalwood or cedar compound that doesn't blend well to my nose.
Amber 114 is a light, bright composition that offers the impression of amber but doesn't seem to have the ingredients to really take it to that level. It does fade very quickly within a couple hours to a muted vanilla note and a faint dusty incense. Perhaps it could perform better with more liberal application. I could see layering it with a fragrance oil for better longevity and depth. Some reviews compare this to Grand Soir. I don't see these being similar however the spices in the two are similar, with Grand Soir having more aromatics.

Ken F.
A very welcoming fragrance

There’s something magical about this scent. It makes people want to open up to you. Even if people around you don’t take notice of this fragrance, their behavior and actions will speak for itself. It’s as if this fragrance gives people around you permission to become their true authentic self.

I want to give this 5 stars, but I’ve already smelled “Ambra” by Jeroboam, and I prefer that over Ambre 114. Although Ambre 114 is a really good fragrance, in my opinion, “Ambra” by Jeroboam smells like a better version of Ambre 114.

Pipe & Powder

On me, this perfume initially reminded me of old timey pipe smoke - a scent I would enjoy briefly catching a whiff of but don’t want to smell for too long. Later it settled into a baby powder-type scent which also is a smell I’d prefer be short-lived.

Heather H.
Amber for all

One of the best Amber scents, it's gorgeous. It has longevity on my skin, above average sillage that doesn't overpower.

Ngaire Alabaster
smooth scent

On my skin it opens with a sharp thyme note, then the other notes develop and becomes a smooth, rich woodsy/musky amber, and vanilla undertone.
Thyme is still detectable, but mellows out. Am liking it a lot.
Has the potential to be slightly overpowering, yet doesn't.
Lasts a reasonable length of time.