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Alvaro Gamboa
Cuero y frutos rojos

Fragancia exquisita frutos rojos con una base de cuero y oud es como un ombre leather a más alto nivel y calidad

A staple in the collection

One of the best floral, fruity ouds around. A must have for individuals that love dense, elevated fragrances. Develops all day.

Have Mercy!

Giant massive scent. Smells far too masculine for my personal preference. Sampled in summer (why Demi why?) and will save this spendy decant for winter. One of the best Frederic Malle frags I've sampled. For reference, I own a FB of POAL and adore that scent.

Complex, Massive, and Exquisite

The Moon is an unbelievable scent that has such a complex journey in terms of the notes as they land on your skin and transform over time. The first time I wore it I was overwhelmed by everything that was going on with the top notes of raspberries and oud, but as it started to dry down the piney/cypriol/evergreen really came through on my skin. I can’t tell you how much I love this scent, but you should definitely test this before making the significant investment in the 50 or 100 ml bottle. This is not an easy wear, but it’s amazing and I have hardly found scents that I have hated/loved this much.

As to performance, well, the longevity is so robust that I can put 1 spray on at 9am and at 11am the next day I can still smell it on my wrist. The sillage is a blunt force weapon if you put on 2 or more sprays.

kim kaiser

moon is similar to POAL and the night to me,, suttle differences that I am not able to verbally discuss as im not as schooled on scent as many, but they do smell similar with variants during the wear process