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Elaine K.
Fresh scent that stays

I like this perfume, and the fact that there is freshness in it... but it is still very 'perfumey' when all i want is 'lilacy' ... it kind of makes me want to sneeze. i still wear it... and will probably buy more. but i want to like it more than i actually like it...

En Passant

I initially liked this fragrance and found it very sweet, fresh and smelling like realistic lilacs. However after wearing it a couple of times and for a length of time, I find that it must be used very sparingly and balanced with something that can ground it a bit. Otherwise it becomes overly sweet, a bit too synthetic and vacuous. I could see how this might be very nice in hot weather when a refreshing floral would be welcome. Maybe a bit of citrus, fruit or musk could help. High marks for originality and imagination!

Jessica E.
Fleeting, but Lovely

I want to douse myself with this - it's such a pure, dewy lilac scent that it brings me right back to childhood, smelling lilacs in my grandmother's garden. It doesn't last terribly long, but while it does, it's a true pleasure.

Alyssa H.
Love this fragrance

It’s the perfect lilac. Spring in a bottle.

Kailey H.

En Passant

Oihida B.

En Passant