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Anindya Sengupta
An okay scent

Odd sweet notes with crisper notes of juniper and gin. A bit dumbed down. Reasonably long lasting, low projection but excellent sillage - quite deceptive. Smells better in the air than up close (I'd rather smell this on others than wear myself).

Quinn McGuire
Great Fragrance, not my style

The fragrance itself is very pleasant, just not my style which is why I’m glad I got a sample of it

KIM Attawut
One of the great scent & service from Scentsplit

L`Humaniste is the one which makes me proud to have that & thank you so much for the great service friom Scentsplit too.

James Militano
Great Scent!

Whoa! this scent blew my mind! If you want to smell different from everyone else, try this.
My wife loves it his scent , it starts off average but the dry down is amazing.
Going to purchase the full bottle.
Scent Split makes it happen!

Aron Collins
That's nice......and it's gone.

L`Humaniste is a gin and 7UP for 10 minutes. This would be a great summer daytime scent if it lasted more than one hour. It is really light and opens with lemon, juniper berries and a sweetness similar to spearmint. Also reminds me of a Mojito. The official notes also list bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper and black pepper but I get none of that.  Drydown is generic nice amber, vanilla and tonka bean. A heart encompasses juniper berries, nutmeg, thyme and peony, while a base includes gin, oak moss and tonka. Seems a lot to pay for s skin scent with poor longevity.
*spritz spritz*
"Wow! This smells great..."
*sniff sniff*
"...aaaannnnd it's gone."