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Charles N.
Intimate Scent for Sapiophiles

I wear this when I’m expecting intimate relations with someone I care for. It’s G&T top notes are strong enough for friends, or a date, to compliment at the top of an evening. However, by later evening it sits very close to the skin. The low notes of moss and bibliosmia, which make this scent so unique, are a sapiosexuals wet dream. So, I would suggest this scent be applied heavily over the bodies erogenous zones so that the low notes are present at the end of an evening. Oddly enough, I find myself breaking a cardinal rule with this scent, I put it on clothes (sacrilege, I know). But it holds so much stronger on clothing, a pleasant scent, like you’re opening your father’s college trunk. This allows the low notes to broadcast better after the high notes dissipate. This scent is for a man whose charm is second to none when it’s one on one. He steals you away into corners. And you day dream of lazy Sundays spent sharing a couch as you both read novels; set to the sound of bird songs and summer winds intermittently broken by his chuckle and grin as he reaches the chapter you told him he’d love. In short, buy this fucking scent.

Mariah Federow

I got this for my partner, he tried it last year and loved it. I'm not into scents but this one is delightful to smell on him, pleasing but not too heavy.