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Ahleah Johnson

Smells clean, also does smell like you just slept with someone. Fun like that, can't speak for the protection, i tried too little.

Smells better on my skin

Purchased this as a sample not knowing what to expect.
Straight from the bottle it smells odd. Like a wet dog and pennies that have been in your hands for too long.

On my skin the initial scent smells kind of like you’ve spent all day at the beach on a hot day. Changes to lightly sweet, powdery, still a little salty beachhead scent. But I can’t stop smelling it. I layered it with a floral perfume and I loved it. Will purchase soon!

Erika Knipp
Off putting but interesting

I really wanted to have a chance to smell this fragrance. I am giving it 5 stars because I think they nailed exactly what they were looking to do. I would never wear the fragrance but it is definitely interesting!

annabel brennan
Scared but loved it

So I was genuinely scared to smell this scent, hearing that it was animalistic and metallic. I love it. To me it smells like sexy sweaty skin. Im going to try to layer it underneath other perfumes. I do not understand how people can gag smelling this scent. I am in love.

So strange

Ok, so on me it smells like a windy beach filled with freshly dead fish. It's very briny, salty, sweaty, and organic in a horrible way that does smell like aftersex to me. I dry heaved a lot. However, my friend tried my sample and on her it smelled completely different. It was almost pleasant, the complete opposite of my experience. On her the initial whiff smelled just like how a person does when they come inside after a morning jog. It still smelled sweaty, salty, and organic, but in a fresh windswept way. Like sunshine and fresh air on skin that had been sweating but wasn't unwashed and dirty. If you gave it a deeper inhale, on her it smelled like fresh baby smell. But if a baby had literally just been born and still had mom's blood and sweat and /secretions/ sticking to their skin. Still slightly repulsive, but also very familiar and very human. It's just amazing how varied the scents were on the two of us. Definitely an interesting and bizarre experience.