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chimezie onyemuwa

Rien Intense Incense

Derrick Robinson

Very manly fragrance, love this fragrance very addictive can't stop smelling it on me. Thank you scent split.

Willie W
What a scent

Rien Intense remind me of when I use to burn incense in my room, but in a intense manner. The sharpness kept penetrating my nose. WOW!!! It is surely long lasting.


One spray and it lasts me 10 hours. Some in the frag community say this is what the original Rien performed like prior to reformulation — I’m not sure yet if I prefer Rien standard as that one has a more pronounced and desirably animalic leather note, whereas the incense and violet completely blast through it here. Adventurous users only!

Tom patrick
SixCats! says “Vive la France!" Etat Libre d'Orange "Rien Intense Incense".

Hello all, My name is Tom Patrick (aka SixCats! from Basenotes). I just wanted to express my thoughts to say that my experience using SCENT SPLIT has been OUTSTANDING! My most recent "decant" ELd'O "Rien Intense Incense" from SCENT SPLIT is also equally OUTSTANDING! I am known (to many in the Fragrance Community) as one who has always loved "CHALLENGING" fragrances. ELd'O R.I.I. has moved into my TOP DOZEN fragrances. If you are a person who also happens to like the more "UNIQUE" Fragrances (as offered from Houses such as) : Amouage, Boadicea the Victorious, Serge Lutens, Marlou, LUSH, Mazzolari, Imaginary Authors, Santa Maria Novella, L'Artisan, Guerlain, Dior, Montale, Caron, Diptyque, Zoologist, etc. etc. etc. then, I HIGHLY recommend investigating the House of Etat Libre d'Orange! Vive la France!

Tom Patrick aka SixCats!