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Lauren Barbour
More masculine leaning

Woody, as the name would imply. More masculine leaning than my taste, but very good.

Selwyn Hunt
Yes but …

I really like this fragrance. It’s a shame it has no staying power. Gone in a New York minute!

Uncle Nasty

Too sharp/Metalic/synthetic for me…still not nearly as synthetic/astringent as Kenzo Homme EDT intense. Good performance, unisex, a quality scent.

A Truly Unique Wood Scent.

Beautiful, warm (yet cool), spicy, & very cozy! I really am finding I enjoy this House as they have such a unique spin on capturing scents that just pull me in. This one seems doable for all seasons & I am loving how this is a contradiction as it has cozy warm vibes while also being so very cool & refreshing at the same time. A lot of reviews mention this leans masculine, but I am going for unisex. It's just an amazing scent that anyone who enjoys woods can pull off. Full bottle worthy imho.

Junius Warren
Great Scent Year round freshness

If you looking for unisex bold yet fresh and clean scent profile the woods are warm and cold weather friendly. The aromatic shine in this scent followed by spices for the warmer weather. Scent last about 6-7 hrs indoor on me that’s with 5 sprays from the 9ml decanter . Definitely will wear off in a 3 hrs or less if you are outdoors wearing this fragrance.