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Mary K.
Molecule 1 Patchouli

Nice patchouli but it's really strong. If it's a big time patchouli you're after this is it. I smell no molecule 1.

Charles Beltran

Molecule 01 Patchouli

Wanda Pendergrass
Pleasantly surprised

I love patchouli based fragrance and have had little success finding one to replace the one I have worn since college. I am now a grandmother. I am satisfied with my fragrance but would like to have options you know for different occasions.
I watched a YouTube of an interview with the fragrance creator (M+ patchouli) and thought I would get a few samples.
Gosh a mighty! This patchouli blew me away!!! It’s enough patchouli to completely satisfy me along with the new note(s). I am so appreciative of a company that provides samples. I will see how long this application lasts but even if short lived, honestly I like it so much I know I am going to purchase a larger size. Lol

Erling Nielsen
The more I wear it, the more I like it

I am a man in my 60's and have only recently found out that fragrances can really improve my mood and energy level. In my search for a good fragrance to wear, I soon learned that experts and reviewers talk a lot about notes and accords that I never heard of before. Patchouli and ISO E Super are two examples. Then I stumbled upon a YouTube review of fragrances from Escential Molecules, a company with a line that focuses on a single note added to ISO E Super. This seemed like the perfect way to become familiar with various fragrance notes, so I ordered three of the Escential Molecule offerings from Scent Split: Molecule 01 Patchouli, Molecule 01 Mandarin, and Molecule 01 Iris.

All three fragrances are delightful and I can now pick out patchouli, mandarin, and iris in other fragrances that I sample. Of the three, however, I find that M01 Patchouli lasts the longest on my skin, and it is by far the most masculine of the three fragrances. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but the more I wear it, the more I really do like it. It was an acquired scent. M01 Patchouli projects, but is not overpowering. That suits my personality and how I want to be perceived, so I imagine I'll be ordering more soon.

The other two fragrances, Molecule 01 Mandarin and Molecule 01 Iris, are also beautiful and high quality fragrances. M01 Mandarin, for example, smells exactly like a freshly peeled mandarin orange on a wooden tray. But M01 Mandarin and M01 Iris are less of a match for my personality and don't seem to last nearly as long. Having said that, I found that a spray of Mandarin on my hair brush once a week makes my hair smell fantastic, and it does not clash with the M01 Patchouli at all.

Finally, a shout out to Scent Split for making it so much more affordable to try many different fragrances. I'm also impressed with the atomizers on the small sizes, too. They work better than most.

kathy Scullion
Updated Patchouli

Love Patchouli from my youth. This is a better, updated Patchouli. Love it!