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Philosykos EDP

Not for me

I did not like this at all, unfortunately. I am giving it three stars because the projection and sillage are great. So, if it is your thing scent wise, you will enjoy a long lasting fragrance that others will notice. However, for me it was way too fruity and sweet. I was expecting something earthy, but this smelled primarily like overripe figs on my skin. I was hoping for something more green with some wood as dirt notes based on other reviews, but I was basically walking around smelling like a Fig Newton. This is one of the few fragrances I've washed off my skin after giving it a second try. I do not recommend this for people who are not absolutely wild about figs.

Fig Leaf perfume, not a fig one

If you love the outdoors and want to smell like fig leaves and cut grass, this is for you. It is not a fig perfume or a perfume at all really. It is more like an outdoor experience.
I can see wearing my decant at the beach or at a barbeque, maybe, but otherwise I will smell like I work as a landscaper. It is nice for that but not a fig perfume if that is what you
are looking for.

This scent is so divine!!

I am very particular about scents. My children think I should have been a perfumer with my acute sense of smell. I have been doing research on fig scented perfumes and recently ordered half a dozen to try. The Philosykos is by far the most divine!! It smells the most natural, as if one were walking past a grove of fig trees. I'm not sure, yet, about the longevity as I just ordered the smallest sample to try.

Ayanna Cash-Clements
It was nice but just ok

I saw great reviews of this extract de parfum on YouTube. I think the smell was pretty good but it did not last long - again the scent is nice but I wasn’t particularly drawn to it