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Niasha John
Love it

Absolutely Love this scent

Karen Vest

This is a gorgeous bottle! I like the substantial heft of the bottle itself along with the etched label. It appears as a nice piece of crystal that you might display in a curio. I personally find it much more desirable than any of the other Creed bottles so I don’t get the criticism of this packaging. The fragrance is similar to Coco Madam. but I find Wind Flowers crisper, softer. Coco is a sweeter amber. Fragrance is a highly subjective arena and quite literally a the same drag can perform entirely different from one person to the next. To each his own - I quite like Wind Flowers and can see myself wearing it everyday.

Complex Fragrance

I was not too keen on buying this fragrance when I read the reviews that it is similar to Chanel Mademoiselle, I did not want to get a similar fragrance however i just wanted to give it a try and I was blown away about how the notes turned out. It is subtle and not too strong as mademoiselle, I love it, only wish House of Creed made a smaller bottle as the original bottle price is bit too steep.

I absolutely love this fragrance

I absolutely love this fragrance. So I bought a full bottle the same day that I received my decant. The longevity is amazing it lasts eight hours and surprisingly it turns sweeter hours into wearing it which I enjoy so much. People are sleeping on this one because it comes off pretty soft in the opening it is a gorgeous pleasant every day scent.