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Danielle Doheny
Refreshing and Pretty-Could Finally Try This Scent!

I smelled Acqua Fiorentina in person and immediately wanted it but was afraid to commit due to the price. I thought I would have to save up for months to be able to afford it and was iffy on whether or not I would purchase it at all as a new full sized bottle of a luxury perfume like this costs a lot and the scent of the perfume isn't in my normal comfort zone of gourmand. I am thrilled that I was able to purchase 9 oz of it to see if I would want to invest in it in the future. I have only worn it for one day so far but it seems to last well on me and it smells so refreshing and feminine. It made me feel pretty and had a bit of a relaxing vibe.

Megan Brenner
Not a fan

This smelled really strange. When i first smelled it, I liked it. However it ends up having this sour cucumber smell with some flowers on top. Do not recommend. Scent Split service is great though. I love the fact that you can get different sizes and full bottles.

Melicia Travis

We love it

Moe Dufrense
My favorite Creed scent (so far.)

Light, airy, with pleasant citrus notes. Have received many compliments.

Tina Thompson
Acqua Fiorentina

Love love love this. Smells so good