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Chase Roberts


Hewitt Steinberg
Surprisingly good

I took a chance on this scent and was surprisingly very pleased. Good projection and longevity.

Aamir Punjani
Arabian Market

I know this scent quite well. Walking around an Indian or Arabic market, you would smell exactly this; a beautiful blend of spice and heavy incense scent into a bottle. The longevity and projection are both wonderful, it will last hours. But fair warning, this is an acquired taste. I would recommend for all to at least smell once!

Elliot K
A most surprising drydown...

This scent was amazing and is now one of my favorites. The performance was very good, but the smell is exquisite. It’s like a unique scent combined with a crowd pleaser scent. By that I mean, it’s not a copied or ubiquitous DNA but still everybody who can smell it, eventually loves it. I prefer the scent as it gets towards the mid and base notes. I find it to be intriguing but not overly powerful at these stages. Also kudos to scentsplit. It’s hard to find samples of certain colognes (like Floriental) or of certain sizes, but they offer a wide range of both hard to find scents and sample sizes. The samples look very professional and even inspired a purchase, so I would definitely recommend them!

Melissa Simms

Beautiful scent..bottle worthy