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Sara Corrothers
Woodsy and intense

Woodsy, masculine, smoky- exactly as described

CdG Black

It's kind of strange. Very strong wood base to it, with a spicy pepper accent. People seem to notice and comment, and it's usually positive. It's not a sillage monster, you may need to reapply throughout the day. I generally use it for work, as it's not too busy of a fragrance.

It's a little too similar to WonderWood. I prefer Black to WW because of the added pepper dynamic, but it's not a very complex fragrance at all.

Worth trying a sample if you're a fan of heavy wood scents, but don't have expectations of a complex scent.

Gabriel Arias


Jeffrey Greene
Loved it

Great perfume !!

Zack Reilly
Decent scent, minor bottle issue.

Black is an extremely dry scent. It opens up smelling exactly the way a dry sauna does - parched cedar, a little smokiness. 0% humidity somehow. Like the moisture is sucked out of the air around you. Very strong. I sprayed three times not thinking and had to drive with the window open bc I was choking myself out. It dries down slowly into the CdG incense and sandalwood, very pleasant. I’m not sure what occasion I’d wear this. It’s too formal for jeans but too somber for business or pleasure. Maybe a very serious meeting or a funeral? Similar vibes to Encre Noire ALE.

I had to deduct one star because my sample came with a very large and annoyingly crooked sprayer/lid that I can’t seem to fix. I’ve ordered other 5ml decants here and the sprayer was much smaller. Doesn’t affect the utility, just looks silly on my shelf.