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Anika E.

Absolutely stunning sexy fragrance

Jeff K.
My new signature scent

I went shopping for a new fragrance. After smelling and endless assortment, I stumbled across this unisex fragrance and instantly fell in love. At $350 a bottle, thank you Scent Split for making it affordable. Such a sexy fragrance. Yummy!

Sampling is Fun

I have worn one perfume for 50 years and love it but it is no longer being made. It was a bit stronger with a hint of Oriental tones. I’m on the search for a fragrance that speaks to me. I ordered two tiny samples: Casablanca Lilly and Cairo. I found Cairo too smoky or woody and strong for me. I like Casablanca Lilly more because I did get some floral tones but the perfume was still a bit too strong for everyday wear for me. I guess I get to sample a couple of new ones to find MY perfect scent.

Massai S.
Love it!

Bought this for my partner, they liked a tiny sample I gave them, I didn't want to pay for a whole bottle so this was a really nice middle ground. Same exact smell (wonderful) and very easy!

Yasmine B.
It was ok

I heard of it from one of the Yutubers that I follow and wanted to test it before I paid 300 dollars plus for a bottle. I was disappointed but really grateful I didn't waste more money. She said it smelled Middle Eastern. This could not be further from the truth. It didn't smell remotely like incense or anything. It is very muted and more like ubiquitous floral with a hint of whiskey. Not impressed at all.

Casablanca Lily

The scent is clean and bright. Nice, but I was hoping for dark and moody. Felt a little old fashioned rather than modern.