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M Richards
Hanuman - lovely but

Lovely fragrance but way , way , way to expensive for what it is. unless you got money to burn lots better to spend your money on

Lester Russell


Ken F.
sweet, bright, fun, sexy, fresh & creamy!

A fragrance like this would do very well among Chinese millionaires born under the year of the monkey, or Indian millionaires who pray to the Hindu monkey god named Hanuman, or people that don’t mind shelling out $1,111 for a 100 ml bottle. It’s musky, woody, citrusy florals which makes this scent smell sweet, bright, fun, sexy, fresh and creamy, and would be best worn in warm climates. The dry down is really good and has great longevity and performance. You can smell the quality! I was going to give this one 4 stars, but any fragrance that’s over-priced will automatically be down-graded. There’s a good reason why not too many people know about this…Boadicea The Victorious does not want normal, average, ordinary people to be wearing this fragrance.