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Keidra Conner
Love the scent

It’s such a beautiful fruity spicy rose! The only thing I didn’t like was the sample was not a spray

Charles Yarbrough

Tabac Rose

Joseph Weymon

One of the best fragrances I have ever smelled! I mostly get rose & plum with a hint of chocolate. The rest of the notes just blend together so well that my nose can't single them out. All in all, a wonderful olfactory experience.

Odean Samuels
Sillage On Blast

Have not worn it enough to give adequate feedback but from my two wearing it’s growing on me more and more......and I loved it at first sniff seems to be full bottle worthy frag IMO. The sillage is amazing it’s a sexy tobacco scent trail that gets attention. Went in and out of a room 5 mins later I walk back and was shocked how much the room smelt like my fragrances. And that’s the 6 spray at 55deg F. test

smelling great in detroit
mind blowing

no fancy words no four-five paragraphs to speak of this fragrance ...just buy a sample a week later you will buy a full bottle you will be the best smelling petson in the room. out of my small 60 bottle collection of designer and niche this tabac rose is in my top 5 right now