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Alex R
Phenomenal Customer Service

A few days after receiving my order Scent Split contacted me about a mistake. They sent Roja Amber Aoud Crystal instead of Amber Aoud. They offered to refund me the amount or send me the correct scent. I opted for the correct scent which arrived promptly. Being a newbie to the fragrance world this is a company I will continue to purchase from. Thank you

Lyrical Flat

I have always been intrigued by the reviews on this fragrance and finally got to try it, and I dislike writing negative reviews but this one was really bad. From the very start it was terrible, so I was just waiting and waiting for it to possibly turn to into something good. I will say on a positive note, it did turn into a soapy fragrance in the far...far dry down. The problem was it took forever to get to that point. I don't want to wear something that I can't stand for 3 to 4 hours to get to the decent part of the fragrance. Hopefully, others have better luck with it.

Curtis Grayson

Lyric Man

Eric Dickerson
Masculine rose

Very good rose scent
Sometimes it's kinda like rose soap and's good.. but sometimes I'll get whiff of spicy juicy rose and it's absolutely fantastic .

Great longevity. Soapy smell 3/5 spicy whiffs 6/5

Kevin Sullivan

I was very impressed with this scent. Looking forward to buying an actual bottle of that fragrance house.