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Tiffany B

I love this perfume so much. The frankincense and myrrh are so comforting and grounding. The hazelnut pops off my skin and I fall in love with this every time.

It’s a hit or miss..

When I first read about this fragrance on fragentica, most of the reviews ripped it apart. Yes it’s powdery. It’s strong. And that is exactly why YOU need to test it out on yourself to see if it works for you or not.
For me? I got several compliments every time I wore it. I absolutely love it. It lasts and the dry down on my clothes a few days later is divine. It reminds me of a vanilla chai. I will def be ordering a bigger sample. Don’t let the bad reviews deter you- like with any other perfume, you have to try it for yourself!

Felicia Nelson-Bhandari
If Warm Vanilla Sugar and Missing Person had a baby

I don’t know why I have not seen this in any of the other reviews, but when the scent dried down I got such a strong hit of Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. I was getting hints of the saffron and a little bit of the comforting vibe I get from Phlur Missing Person, but the finish is all Warm Vanilla Sugar, if maybe a bit more grown. All these people who are saying they’ve never smelled anything like it either forget or were not around when Warm Vanilla Sugar was THE thing. It’s quite strong, lasts long, but the WVS vibes makes it hard for me to justify the price point.

To powdery

Smells like baby powder with some sort of spice to it. I really really wanted to love this one because of all the hype and the bottle I love, it's a hard no for me. Thank God for this site. Trying all day before buying is a must. Everyone's skin reacts differently so don't let my review influence you. It could be different on yours.


In the fence about this one, I like it, and I don't. It has a baby powder smell like Dior miss. Which makes it addicting to smell over and over. Has a mature feminine smell to it. would I buy a whole bottle? Probably not, but I would buy a travel-size bottle.