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A very serious masculine scent. Like something the President or a General would wear to a state function, or what Sinatra would wear just being Sinatra. LOOOOOOONG lasting. On myself, I get the Myrtle over a consistent smoky, woody base, with an oudy leather weaving in and out. Of course you can wear whatever you want whenever you want, but this almost needs to be worn “coat and tie” exclusively, maybe black tie only.

Jerry Mallard
Epic Man Amouage

Epic man is another complex fragrance by a somewhat controversial fragrance house. They can be quite expensive but it’s for good reason. Amouage is known for bold, complex, and controversial perfumes using some of the best perfume ingredients on the planet. Of the few fragrances from Amouage that I have tried, I’ve liked them all, some better than others. But it’s never one sniff and your mind is all made up. No, this is like watching a movie or watch band rehearsal. You need to watch it through to the end to make final judgement. It’s so complex, so much chemistry going on, and such a high volume of perfume oils in the fragrance that it takes a little patience. Sometimes, it can be like a beautiful storm. It begins with so much passion and force but after it dies down you start to see the beauty in the storm-the magical things it does and can do. Just don’t judge this fragrance on the first 10-25 minutes after initial spraying. It’s a bit powerful until it settles onto the skin.
Epic has a beautiful dry down, just give it time. It’s sweet, amber, wood on the dry down. It’s very classy on the dry down. Classy and I believe intimidate enough to get close to someone without being intrusive. For a timid person, this might not be for you. It is more of a bold, masculine perfume for men, but the dry down is worth it. The boldness dies down some with the dry down I believe. It’s just the right amount of opulent-not excessive. My opinion to much emphasis is put when to wear. It’s good for like business meetings but I think it can be way more causal. Make it yours. If it feels right, do it!
Amouage is one of the most interesting houses out there. Overpriced? I don’t’ know, is it? That goodness for Scent Split! But I also know from fooling around with hobby perfuming that materials are not cheap. I can get many of the same ingredients, but there’s many I can’t get because they’re captive materials. I respect Niche perfumers out there. There’s so much work that goes into this wonderful world of niche perfumery to bring us new and exciting products. Not to mention expensive equipment.
It takes a while to study all the notes in Epic man; there are many. It is my conviction that the styrax and musk sweeten the other perfume notes on the dry down. If you like any classiness, balsamic incense, and masculine boldness it is a much try. Beautifully done!

Alejandro Genera
Love it!!!

I bought a decant of this fragrance because I was unsure if I would like it. At first I thought it smelled like smoked deer hide. However, I just recently came back to it and loved it! Now I get this fresh spicy cedar/pine note. It might come off a little smoky on the initial spray, once it dries it's definitely a fresh fragrance.

Cesar Flores
Trust Worthy

I ordered a pretty expensive cologne for my first time. I was a bit nervous but did my research and came to the conclusion that they were trusting. I got my cologne shipped pretty quick and confirmed authenticity upon arrival. I order a bottle of Creed for reference. I will definitely buy from them again.

Rick West
Decent not epic

It's a nice scent but with a name like epic man I wasn't expecting an epic fragrance that's not this in my humble opinion.