Tom Ford - Ombre Leather

Released in 2018, OMBRE LEATHER was created by perfumer Sonia Constant for TOM FORD. This is almost a tribute to the very successful Tuscan Leather from the company's private blend.

WHEN TO WEAR : Perfect for cold temperatures in Fall & Winter.
WHERE TO WEAR : Extremely versatile and can be worn anywhere.
FOR : Unisex but leans towards Masculine.

SCENT PROFILE : Sweet, Leathery & Spicy.
PORTRAYS THE WEARER AS : Modern, Sophisticated & Alluring.

LONGEVITY : Stays on skin for 7-8+ hours.
PROJECTION : Creates a scent bubble of around 1 meters and sustains that for about 3+ hours.

TOM FORD's OMBRE LEATHER opens with a short but rememberable cameo of subtle sweet & creamy Cardamom along with fresh-spiciness from Saffron. Within 15 minutes the opening notes start to subside, paving way for the main ingredient of Leather to shine along with a wonderfully done Jasmine Sambac note. Post 3 hours of application the dry down starts getting noticed which is made from an excellent concoction of earthy Patchouli, green-mossy White Moss note & airy Amber.

This resembles heavily to Tuscan Leather in the way that both fragrances play with the contrast of pungency from Leather & a balancing sweet note. While Tuscan Leather does it with Leather & Raspberry, Ombre Leather does the same with a toned down Leather accord & a sweet-floral Jasmine Sambac note. This contrast of Leather & Jasmine is detectable throughout the life of the fragrance. Since its very close to Tuscan Leather, we would suggest to Sample or Decant first so that you dont become a victim of a redundant purchase.


TOP NOTES : Cardamom & Saffron.
MIDDLE NOTES : Jasmine & Leather.
BOTTOM NOTES : Patchouli, White Moss & Amber.


You can purchase a sample of this fragrance here

January 04, 2021 — Scent Split