The sea resort vibe conjures up an enticing romance that celebrates its charm from nautical splendor and comfort. Whether it’s a vacation in Capri or a random day in Miami, it wouldn’t be complete without a help of a fine fragrance to unwind and pair your summer style.

Aquatics? Nah! Impress all with the smell of solar boost on you. Our team suggests checking out our list of 9 Solar Fragrances” and stay fancy, instead of simply fresh.

As a season that allows livelier, punchier and fancier styles, a nice choice of fragrance can upbeat your mood, and give others an extra oomph! Cause you’re the one that knows his citrus from his lavender.

Creed – Virgin Island Water

When you think of a summer perfume as an essential of summer vacation, Creed Virgin Island Water is the king that takes you out of the frustrating urban life. It’s golden sand, fresh-cut coconut, Tommy Bahama shirts, straw hats, and the joy of finding a big conch left by the waves.

As a purveyor of fine fragrances, the brand suggests Virgin Island Water for your summertime. The coconut, lime, and rum combination is super versatile and as energizing and delightful as a good cocktail of quality rum and fresh fruits.

Juliette Has a Gun – Vanilla Vibes

Undoubtedly, everyone likes a big hit of vanilla, but how do you like it? Juliette Has a Gun offers it salty. A nice touch of sea salt, musk, and tonka bean give the vanilla adequate saline zest and refinement to conjure up the soothing sunset joy. It is powdery, tender, calm, and optimistic.

Tom Ford – Soleil Brulant

As ubiquitous as a white t-shirt but as bold as pink hair. Tom Ford’s extraordinary solar salty fragrance beats all to pieces. It is surprising that honey and lavish orange blossom are scaffolded on a base of resins and incense, yet the result is quite summery!

BDK Parfums – Sel d’Argent

An apt name for an aquatic fragrance that shares mild salt, orange blossom, and a touch of bergamot in a way that makes you imagine shore sand under your foot palm and haze of sunny morning bliss. The fresh and inviting opening is saved by cashmeran wood and white musk.

Sel d’Argent is a simple, beautiful, and jaunty fragrance with balmy and creamy with a track of salt on silky skin. It has an ecstasy embedded within.

Jo Malone – Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Simple and comfortable like when you wish mellow winter winds on a hot summer day! Wood Sage & Sea Salt brings the briny air into countryside herbs and meadows. A homey potion of refinement that lingers for long and promises positive compliments. Indeed, one the best by the house.

Replica – Beach Walk

Replica collection by Maison Martin Margiela includes a library of fancy fragrances that picture the very atmosphere each refers to. Beach Walk is exactly an aimless afternoon solitude on an uncrowded broad seashore while drinking something sparkling and fresh. A touch of coconut adds a nice suntan aroma to its powdery and solar floralcy.

Olfactive Studio – Still Life in Rio

If you happened to be walking the increasingly pedestrianized pavements of Rio you may have noticed the smell of life is stronger there than in any other city in the world. With the assist of the lactonic boost of coconut and sugary base of rum, Olfactive Studio brings the citrus to an exotic level in Still Life in Rio. This is a perfume to pair the carnivals in the city.

Frederic Malle – Lys Mediterranee

Malle has established a reputable portfolio of supreme quality and Lys Mediterranee is their choice in order to pay tribute to the very real smell of the Mediterranean breeze. This is the scent that you smell once and will never forget because it qualifies all the hallmarks. No melancholy, no abstraction on a coastal impression. It’s moving, it’s full of life and deep in emotions. It’s a pure, clean, and green lily under the shade of palm trees. Nothing speaks more to summer than a humble tropical touch of lily, lotus, and angelica on a throne of refreshing seawater.

September 16, 2021 — Scent Split