Barbershop fragrances if you wonder what this genre stands for are an eternal part of masculine elegance and the art of manliness. They are harsh and gentle at the same time in a way that depicts Mark Twain’s portrait. A man with a walrus mustache and sun-aged face in contrary to his well-dressed suits and of course to his mastery in literature.

Barbershop fragrances are mainly heritages of the past decades when aromatics, spices, and citruses were used on a throne of necessary animalic notes. However, some of them like Burning Barbershop are new products and a tribute to the glory of the past.

The house takes its inspiration from a fire incident that occurred in a barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. circa 1890. They imagined aftershaves, balms, tonics, and all burning within the building and transferred that happening into this perfume.

They hit the nail because the conifer implied beside lavender and spearmint and bergamot, conjures up a fiery gin cocktail and that’s so close to the smell of a barbershop in flames. It’s a significant fougère classification with raw, unfiltered, and vintage quality of wild west stories!

Simply, if you’re a fan of barbershop fragrances for their strong personality, for their aromatic theme, and their notorious super tenacity, then Burning Barbershop is probably one of your final destinations.

September 12, 2021 — Scent Split