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Wes P
Absolute Perfection

One of my top 5 favorites of all time. Very simple but beautifully crafted. I expect this to be in my rotation for the forseeable future!


I’m glad a was a able to get a sample so I could confirm I love the fragrance before spending the money on a full size. Super glad I found this company!

Mia Farine

Very, very beautiful and realistic fig scent. Not cooked fig, like in a tart or fig newton, but a raw one. It starts off with some fruity green-ness and subtle woody edge, but mellows out into a mild, fresh-cut figs-and-heavy-cream scent. I found that this did not have spectacular projection or longevity on me in terms of those fruity and woody top notes, but the creamy drydown stayed as a very flattering skin scent for about five hours after application in sweltering Miami heat. Beautiful, elegant raw fig perfume, but needs a spot of perfume fixative to pair it with if you are looking for better performance. If you are looking for a sweet, fruity, all-occasions perfume that does not come off as juvenile or seasonally limited, this is a fabulous scent!

mk patzer
fresh beautiful scent

its such a beautiful green, sappy, fruit scent. that mellows down into floral notes and vanilla

Jay Lankau
Top 5 Favorite Scents of All Time

Philosykos is amazing. It smells exactly like the skin of a plum, both fibrous and sweet. It is not overly fruity or floral, but has a very true green note to it that makes it fresh and unisex. This is a wonderful spring/summer perfume, right up there with my other favorites like Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I haven't smelled all of the other Diptyque perfumes, but this has been my favorite from them so far.