Parfums De Marly - Herod

Released in 2012, HEROD was created by perfumer Olivier Pescheux for Parfums De Marly as a 7th addition to the company's successful catalogue. The name Herod pays tribute to the king of Judea - "Herod the Great".

WHEN TO WEAR : Perfect for cold temperatures in Fall & Winter.
WHERE TO WEAR : Very versatile and can be worn anywhere.
FOR : Unisex but leans towards Masculine.

SCENT PROFILE : Woody, Warm & Spicy.
PORTRAYS THE WEARER AS : Seductive, Sensual & Elegant.

LONGEVITY : Stays on skin for 8-9+ hours.
PROJECTION : Creates a scent bubble of around 1 meters and sustains that for about 3+ hours.

Parfums De Marly's Herod starts with an invigorating mix of Cinnamon & Spices along with a Tobacco note & Vanilla note running in the background. Within 20 minutes of initial spray the scent transitions to its Mid notes of creamy Osmanthus, leafy Tobacco, resinuous Labdanum and trace amount of smoky Incense all the while being enveloped in subtle sweet Vanilla. After 2-3 hours the dry down starts to introduce itself made up of Tobacco Note, sweet Vanilla & woody combo of Cedar & ISO-E-Super along with a touch of Oud from Cypriol Oil & earthiness from Patchouli.

Parfums De Marly Herod is a familiar yet new Tobacco Scent, which is extremely enjoyable & is sure to get you compliments. Since the quality of ingredients is top notch, the perfume commands a high price too. Therefore to avoid redundant purchases for your fragrance collection, we would suggest to Sample or Decant it first.



TOP NOTES : Cinnamon & Pepperwood.
MIDDLE NOTES : Osmanthus, Tobacco Leaf, Labdanum & Incense.
BOTTOM NOTES : Vanilla, Cedar,vetiver,Cypriol, Musk, Patchouli & ISO E SUPER.


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January 24, 2021 — Scent Split