Amouage Beach hut Man was created by Elise Benat as an addition to the company’s ‘Midnight Flower’ collection. The scent is created to provide you an escape from the reality, to a place of calmness, freedom, solitude & peace. Like, staying in a Beach Hut on the sea-shore, where the sea meets the sand.


When to wear: During hot & humid climates in Summer, Spring & Fall.

Where to wear: Beach outings or as daily wear.

For: It is a better fit for men.


Scent Profile: Green, Aromatic & Woody.

Portrays the wearer as: Unique, Daring, Masculine.


Longevity: Stays on skin for 10+ hours.

Projection: Creates a scented bubble of around 1 meter and sustains that for about 3-4 hours after which it starts to tone down, finally becoming a skin scent.

Beach Hut Man opens with a heavy Mint & Orange Blossom combo which is overshadowed by the dominant Galbanum note. Galbanum has a very thick resinuous-green smell & lends the same to the scent itself. The heart, which comes around after 30 minutes, provides a fougere dimension with the help of Moss & Vetiver but is sort of dominated over by the aversive smell of Ivy done beautifully in Beach Hut. The Galbanum from top is still noticeable, And remains so even when we reach the dry down. The base is made from earthy Patchouli, dirty Myrrh & dry woody accords. Which almost completes the journey and provides you with a happy ending.


Beach Hut Man is a symphony of two components, both very known & both very likeable. The first component is the green one, which is provided by Galbanum, Mint, Vetiver & Moss. The second component is what makes the earthy-resinous dry down of the scent from Patchouli, Myrrh & Dry woods. Definitely a head-turner Amouage’s Beach Hut for Man is a unique fragrance, the likes of which many of you would not have sniffed. Therefore, we would highly suggest to sample or decant it first before going in for a full bottle.

Top Notes: Mint, Orange Blossom & Galbanum.

Middle Notes: Vetiver, Moss & Ivy.

Bottom Notes: Patchouli, Myrrh & Dry woods.

August 25, 2021 — Scent Split