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Franyer B.
So far the best cologne that I smelled from Xerjoff

Really good cologne and very different from other typical smells.

Nick B.

I loved it

Toasty S.

I’ve never thought to describe a fragrance like this, but Starlight literally sparkles. It’s cozy and spicy, very rich and strong, yet…glittery? Like a chai, yet also champagne. And totally beast mode performance! I love it, perfect for autumn, winter, and early spring. The opening is a true cardamom bomb, and the dry down brings out a delicious milky amber and cedar. Worth the high price tag imo!

Barbara W.
Enveloping comfort

As a tentative test, I put a bit of Xerjoff Starlight on my wrist yesterday, and kept catching a whiff of something divine all day. Today I'm giving it a full wearing. It's described by some as winter in a bottle, and but I choose to reinterpret this as comfort in a bottle. This beauty starts off with a bright burst of Bergamot and Cardamon, but quickly sinks onto an enveloping contentment of amber and almond, bolstered a bit by just a hint of cinnamon, cloves, and cedar.

I laughed I cried it changed my life

In my 20s and 30s I wore Avon and in my 40s someone gifted me "Lovely", which I wore for years. When it spoiled I searched for a new fragrance and ordered samples. When I tried Starlight I went into another world. I had never reacted to a perfume this way. I can't explain my utter delight. I had no idea a perfume could even do this. It even has a heavenly name. And it lasts a long time. This perfume opened a door to a whole new world of scent for me. Is there another perfume I could love? Yes! I found a couple more. I see Starlight did not get good reviews. I guess this perfume was made for me alone. I couldn't get a whole bottle of it fast enough, and I even love the bottle.

Rebecca G.

There’s spice but nothing about this is smooth or well composed. Really disappointed.