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Delicious lemony goodness

Got a 1ml sample of Lira and was very pleased. Great lemony gourmand scent...fairly complex as well. I definitely get lemon cake, but also some floral notes as well that round it out. I would say that this is similar to Akro Bake, but definitely more complex...

Lauren Chung
Not what I expected…

After reading reviews of people describing this as a “lemon cake in a bottle” I was very excited to receive my sample. The opening is a very distinct bright lemon scent which is amazing, but sadly goes away very quickly. Then what came next was what I wasn’t expecting…there’s this almost medicinal smell that was quite overpowering and didn’t give me that edible baked good vibe I heard so much about. To be honest, it kind of threw me off and I almost thought maybe I got the wrong scent or received a bad batch, but I’m starting to think perhaps this is what the fragrance is like or maybe it just doesn’t go well on me personally. Others who also weren’t enthused about Lira have described it as a strong licorice or even like a smokey tobacco and I completely understand what they mean. I will say the dry down becomes this spicy vanilla with a very slight hint of citrus which isn’t bad, but a bit uninteresting. The spiciness is that medicinal aspect toned down combined with the vanilla ending. Leaving on a more positive note, I want to say that you can definitely tell it’s a quality perfume, I guess I was just expecting something different. Definitely not a blind buy. Unisex for sure, maybe very slightly femme leaning but not by much. Personally I think I would find this a bit more interesting on a man.

Victoriya Linnik


Shanna Lingo
Fast and as described

Sizes came as described and shipping was quick. Pretty happy with everything.

Dina D.
Not for me

It has a smokey tobacco scent that overshadows the sweet. I can see it being appealing to someone else.