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No Almond

Smells like rubbing alcohol with a powdery floral undertone. Very disappointing.

Taylor Stotler
Lactonic Almond Biscuit

Italica for me is quite sweet and you won’t like it if you dislike the smell of almond. I find, however, that the milky lactonic elements smooth out the sweetness to enhance the nuttiness. The long term dry down on me is absolutely intoxicating and lasts all day on me. I can’t imagine wearing this outside of cooler weather, though, as I could see it becoming very overwhelming. Also, the 5ml spray bottle is HIGH quality. Absolutely love it.

Italica smells amazing!

This is a delicious gourmand that reminds me of the holidays. Smells so good but it was lacking staying power in my opinion.

Love at second sniff

Initially I wasn't sure if I would like Italica because for about the first 5 minutes it's straight-up almond extract, at least to my nose. Not the worst smell by any means, but not quite what I am looking for in a personal scent. Thankfully (or unthankfully, says my bank account), after a few minutes the vanilla and toffee notes start to bloom on my skin, and the fragrance just keeps getting better. The saffron and woody notes are there but stay very much in the background, and if there are floral notes I don't really pick them up. This is a warm, rich, sweet gourmand likely to appeal to anyone who enjoys that kind of fragrance, done with enough sophistication that no one is going to think you've gone to your local Bath & Body Works and doused yourself. The quality is there, and so is the projection and longevity.

Yazmin Mendez
It smells good

The smell is good very nutty, sweet smell the scent didn’t last long glad I just got a sample